Benifits of doing Asim Jai Jaikar Ho

Jai Sat Chit Anand Friends,

This is an incident when I was studying in 10th standard. Not being very clever, I used to pass out with 70-75 percent marks; but being weak in Social studies and Sanskrit, with great effort I used to score 40-45 percent marks.

Benifits of doing Asim Jai Jaikar Ho

In February 2009, hardly 15 days before my board exams, I met one Mahatma. Whilst discussing about my exam preparations he asked me to meet his son, because he thought I may be chanting “Dada Bhagwan na  Asim Jay Jaykar Ho..!” At that time I could not give him a proper reply but thereafter I thought that there is no harm anyway in daily chanting Asim Jay Jaykar so why not do it! So, for the remaining 15 days, every day before my studies, I used to chant Asim Jay Jaykar with full devotion!

After my exams, when I saw my results, I was spellbound! I had scored 90 percent! In social studies I got 91 marks and in Sanskrit 92 marks, My Sanskrit teacher could not believe that I had passed in this subject, leave aside scoring 92 marks!! That day I realized that only 5 minutes of chanting Asim Jay Jaykar with full devotion can bring about such a marvellous results!

-A YMHTian from Simandhar City