What is seva ?

What is Seva?

We’ve heard of the word ‘volunteering’ and may possibly have contributed to such a cause, but what exactly does this term mean, and why is it so important? Pujya Dadashri referred the act of helping and providing service to others as ‘SEVA’.

service of others

Seva can be interpreted through many view points, but true service is that which is sincere and done from the heart; only then is it fruitful. Commitment, giving back to society, humanity, pure love and Selfless Seva (service without any expectations) are all aspects of Seva, but true service to others means that we use our mind, speech and actions for the cause. The thing is - many of us are involved in Seva projects without even realizing it! Anything from helping our schools raise funds for a charitable trust, to travelling across the world to helping organizations feed the needy, to the mere act of massaging our elders’ legs can all be considered acts of Seva. However, the key aspect to maintain within is the 'Bhaav' (intention) behind it. The pure intention with which Seva is done will produce real Merit. A great analogy of providing selfless service, i.e. without expecting anything from others, is like comparing yourself with a tree. A mango tree, for example, has so many fruits, but doesn’t get to enjoy even a single one. All the fruits that the mango tree provides are for others. People even injure the tree, by throwing stones at it in order to acquire its fruits. However, the tree stands as it is, without causing any harm to the person hurting it. Thus, Dadashri has said that we should also deal with equanimity while serving others and not discriminate with our intellect between the good or the bad and get involved in selfless Seva with pure inner intent of getting nothing in return. Dadashri goes as far as to say that the goals of every human life should be acquiring Self Realization, however, till not attained s/he should devote sometime in helping others with utmost benevolence. A live example of someone who performed the highest Seva is Pujya Niruma.


As we can see from this video, the Seva that Pujya Niruma did for Pujya Dadashri was absolutely beyond expectations. Just like how Mahatma Gandhiji served for the nation and how Mother Teresa served for humanity,Pujya Niruma is the ultimate depiction of serving for Spirituality, which in turn is serving for the entire universe (World Salvation). She took the pricelessGnan that Dada Bhagwan portrayed to the world and made the strong goal of spreading it to everyone so that they can benefit as well. Pujya Deepakbhai has continued on this amazing mission and with our positive intent, we can join in too!

There is such importance and value behind doing Seva, especially Jagat Kalyan (World Salvation), which means helping people understand the true principles of spirituality and guide them attain pure self by the process ofGnan vidhi. This is considered the ultimate service as it doesn’t only focus on one community, but the entire world without any discrimination, whatsoever. All we’ve to do is spread the positive intent of Jagat Kalyan via pure vibrations and prayers to all the deities. And physically we can be a part of this incredible movement by getting in touch with people in the nearest Satsang Center. There are plenty of ways to contribute, by the simple act of serving water to Mahatmas, cleaning the Satsang place, setting up audio-video equipments during local Satsangs and many more. We can also encourage other youth of our city to attend YMHT Sessions or even help start an YMHT Center altogether. Together, we can not only learn about this incredible science, but also have lots of innocent & clean fun by developing circle of healthy friendship.

Pujya Dadashri has also said that, first and foremost service worth giving is to our parents. Happiness also arises when we serve our elders. No worldly hurdles will affect the progress of one who serves his/her parents and spiritual knowledge blossoms too. While serving our parents, we should not have any expectations in return from them. First serve our Parents and then others, cos Parents are the visible God for us. Serve them heartily as we may not get such opportunities now and again. Pujya Niruma did service for her mother during the last six months of her mother’s life. Pujya Deepakbhai also did service for his father for ten years.

Seva’ means to use whatever skill/ability we have to serve others. When it comes to Youth magazine and website, we can share our creativity by providing articles, experiences and ideas. Additionally, there’s always a need for helpful volunteers at all Major events at the Center. Other areas of Seva during events can be like lending a hand for the kitchen services, hall management, kids & youth programs, helping elders find proper space in Satsang etc. As Mahatma Gandhiji has said, “An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.” So, are we ready to be that change? Seva is a type of domino effect, where when a person sees someone giving back, they too follow. Therefore, if we take the initiative & participate, so will others.


So, are you ready to SERVE?

“Those Who Are Happiest Are Those Who Do The Most For Others.” – Booker T. Washington