Gnani's Compassion - 2

This memorable instance took place in the 70's. One gentleman used to attend Dada's satsang regularly. All of a sudden he stopped attending satsang altogether. When Dadashri came to know that this person was sulking without any obvious reasons, Dada started paying him visits to give 'satsang'. This continued for 4 years after which this man realized Dada's compassion and resumed attending satsang as before.

Another such instance which exhibits Dadashri's amazing humbleness can be seen in the way He dealt with one of his relatives. Once it so happened that one of Dadashri's relatives after taking 'gnan' and attending satsang for a few days started feeling offended. He started feeling negativity for satsang. Eventually, one fine day he approached Dadashri. Returning all the books he had with him he said, “Take back your books. I don't want your 'gnan'”.

Dadashri maintained His composure and humbly taking back the books said, “Thank you. It is so nice of you to return these books. What could we have done had you thrown them on the streets?” This shows Dadashri's wonderful ability of maintaining equanimity in all situations. He used to say, “Our efforts to liberate you all are akin to that of a mother wanting to feed her newborn baby out of her own need to do so.”