Service to parents

Questioner: It’s a big question in today’s world how parents and children should stay together in social harmony. There must be some basic understanding to resolve the issue.

Dadashri: They should live life in such a manner that at least they don’t hurt each other. That is the basis.  Better still, they must try to spread happiness around.

Service to parents

Questioner: What’s the definition of happiness? How to spread the same?

Dadashri: Children should obey their parents and behave as per their likings. They should be obedient and not reactionary, though they may not like it at times.  This way they will feel relaxed and will gradually taste their own independence. ‘In fact, not obeying them would amount to getting dependent on outside circumstances.’ Children will find peace by being obedient their parents. This peace has come from the inner self (pure soul) as a result of this Gnan. Giving happiness to them is in fact, actual independence. The misery was getting carried away by the outside circumstances and being mechanical.

Questioner: How does happiness generate by being independent?

Dadashri: At first he may feel dependency in obeying parents. But in actual it is not so. He will understand it gradually and feel happy then. In fact, this is letting go of the ego.

Questioner: So it has been decided that one should follow the instructions from the parents?

Dadashri: Exactly. It has to be so. That’s how the world is.

Questioner: Is it imperative to obtain blessings from the parents?

Dadashri: Yes. It is a must. One has to do a lot in keeping obedience.

Questioner: Duty towards parents comes first in this world. They should not feel hurt at any cost through mind, body or speech! Correct?

Dadashri: Not only parents, but uncle, aunty, sister, brother, all included. Serve parents heartily – maintain silence even if they scold!

Questioner: Please say something to these ladies here so that they are benefitted as well as the society at large?

Dadashri: I have heard their confessions. They are very light. At the most they confront with brothers or parents. They silence their parents by reacting angrily. They should appreciate their intrinsic values. It is parents who have brought them to this world in human form. There is a possibility to attain salvation (self-realization) through this life and that’s the most precious thing. How can one overlook such favor?  You should maintain a let-go spirit even if they behave strangely at times. At the back of the mind you should always remember that they have been very obliging. There is no other solution. There is no point in bragging about our own achievements only.  It is our parents who have nursed us throughout and brought us to this level. You may think that it is your ‘punya’ (good karmas) that they have taken care of your well-being. It would be wrong to underrate their contribution, on this pretext. If they feel hurt by you in any manner, you must repent and repent strongly.  In our country, parents are rated higher than God.