Karma Behind Dreams

Questioner: Pujyashree, do we have to do Pratikraman for mistakes committed in our dreams?

Pujyashree: Of course! Even in dreams, things occur exactly as they do in real life. So Dadashri has suggested doing Pratikraman thereof. People may say that though I have hit him in my dream, he is not really hurt!! Dadashri explains: “You were violent with him, you got annoyed, you had abhorrence towards him hence you should do Pratikraman for all these. All these emotions and actions are of such light category that they get discharged during dreams. Emotions of heavy category get discharged as thoughts. Still heavier emotions get discharged through speech; yet more heavy get discharged as actions. Just as stones will sink and small particles will float on water, similarly, there are different categories of mistakes: sticky, light, very light and absolutely light which get discharged through dreams. But only those 'Karmas' get discharged which had been charged in previous life. Therefore, you must do Pratikraman for mistakes committed even in dreams!

Karma behind Dreams