Experiencial Learning

Those 40 hours spent in spiritual togetherness with Pujya Niruma are embedded in my memory as if this had happened only yesterday. At that time we were strangers in Ahmedabad and did not know anybody. My senior doctor had given me some Dada’s books to read. On noticing my reading enthusiasm, he informed me about Dada’s Gnan and in 1996 I took Gnan from Pujya Niruma during initiation ceremony. I felt very calm. In spite of studying several scriptures I was lacking experience of inner peace and this search ended here. During that time, I got the opportunity to do ‘Seva’ at Dada Darshan during Simandhar Swami’s ‘pratishtha’ program.

Dada Darshan

For two days continuously I worked together with Pujya Niruma and Mahatmas/Aptputra. Soon after, I also got the chance to join the pilgrimage to Nepal. Thus, being in constant vicinity of Pujya Niruma, I got good clarity of Gnan and the goal of “Shuddhatma” set in, Due to my state of inner peace and calm, the desire to spread Dada’s Gnan arose within me. From within a voice told me “Pujya Niruma and Pujya Deepakbhai are already ‘serving’ Gnan to the seekers and the elderly people. So let me be the medium to reach out to the young people and spread Dada’s Gnan.” Being a doctor, I had my clinic.

I approached Pujya Niruma and put up my proposal of setting up a school that would impart the best knowledge to children. Along with the regular curriculum they would be made aware of Dada’s teachings so that it would strengthen the values of their life.

Pujya Niruma immediately approved my proposal and did ‘vidhi’ twice, as a result of which, the establishment of school started with great enthusiasm and in full swing. Vinod Vidhya Sankul started at June 2002 in Gota with a few students only, and soon the number of students rose to over 1500. Day by day reputation of the school increased, because the results of students were better than those of other schools. In this school we also spread Dadashri’s spiritual principles. Even today “Antaryami parmatma ko naman.” prayer and other verses of Dada are sung daily. Students live in harmony. I work by applying Dadashri’s principles of ‘Vyavasthit’ and ‘Money Matters’. Due care is taken that no student remains without his education under any circumstance, due to monetary problem. If any earning member of the family suddenly passes away then that particular student is taught, without any fees. Parents are satisfied that we have such affectionate dealings with our students. That in an exceptional case, if we have to rusticate a student, his parents urge us to levy whatever fine or give punishment but allow the student to continue in this environment and not send him to any other school. On seeing this, we can conclude that Pujya Dadashri’s Gnan is indeed effective. It prevents future generation of children and youth from falling in wrong company and protects them in this immoral sinful environment. Being a doctor by profession, I am running a part-time clinic also. At the clinic, ever if a patient does not have adequate money to pay, he is provided all necessary treatment and given relief. This is done as ‘seva’ and is done heartily as moral duty. Finally, let me admit that it is Pujya Dadashri’s ‘Shakti’ and Pujya Niruma’s blessings which have been a source of inspiration in my work. Now I am residing at ATPL with my family. I consider it my privilege to provide ‘seva’ according to my ability, in Dadashri’s ‘Jagat Kalyan’ project.