Nature of Boredom

Dadashri: What is the meaning of boredom?

Questioner: It is a dislike for everything.

Dadashri: Boredom is a painful state of total discomfort and unrest! Are you taking any medicines to overcome boredom? Does the chemist sell any medicine for it?

Questioner: That isn’t available anywhere.

Dadashri: But you must be doing something, right?

Nature of Boredom

Questioner: I would go out.

Dadashri: it is akin to kicking out the one who is asking for his dues? What it indicates when you are “Feeling bored”? To pay the dues, at that time you chase away, “No, I will not”. But what will happen when all come together asking for payment? You watch a movie when you are bored. That is rebelling by taking an alternate route. However, when we are feeling bored, if one makes an effort to stay calm and stable then we can explore, “What is it? why it came?” This shall lead to spiritual efforts.  Instead he works out a wrong solution and shoves it away.

Questioner: Boredom doesn’t go away by going out.

Dadashri: On going out the blood circulation in your body increases which in turn disperses the circumstances that lead to boredom.

Questioner: Many are misguided in the wrong direction when they are bored.

Dadashri: People work out wrong solutions to tackle boredom, by roaming around. This too is a kind of delusion. Due to lack of tolerance, it doesn’t occur to us analyze, “How it happened?” and “What’s my fault?” But instead one tends to push it away by resorting to alternative erroneous solutions. This gives some momentary relief. But once the effect decreases, boredom sets in. Nobody is free from these worldly grievances even for a single moment. Humans do not like boredom. Some people keep lamenting, but it’s not worth it. If clothes are burnt new can be bought but how can you replace the life wasted over boredom?

Questioner: If life is devoid of boredom and filled with only happiness, will the man not go astray?

Dadashri: No, the fact is that these worldly happinesses are purely imaginary; that lead to falter. But when we acquire real and permanent happiness, which gives sheer bliss, then one cannot astray.