Nobility of Niruma

This incident dates back to the days when Dada was not keeping well and Niruma was nursing him round the clock.

     During that time, Niruma came to know about someone laying blame on her over some matter. She was very upset by the remarks as they rattled her ego. Many people were not aware of this but somehow, Dada came to know of the incident.

Nobility of Niruma inner

     Dada asked “ Niruben, what’s happened to you? Why aren’t you looking your cheerful self?

     ‘Nothing Dada, it’s ok – replied Niruma. She didn’t want Dada to be involved in the the incident. In fact, Niruma had never complained about anyone to Dada because Dada’s concept that the ‘The complainant is the real culprit’ was firmly established in her belief.

     “Complaining about someone implies that you couldn’t solve the matter with eqanimity.” I consider that person who comes in with a complaint, the culprit” [Dadashri’s sutra] But on this occasion, Niruma broke down as Dada persisted with his inquiry, “ My ego is really shattered and I feel depleted Dada!” She informed Dada with a heavy heart.

     Dada questioned again, “Hmm, whose ego is shattered?”

     At the utterance of these very words, ‘Whose ego’ Niruma felt a jolt inside and it immediately struck her ! She felt an instant separation inside and the monumental suffering simply vanished!

     She promptly replied - “Yes Dada, Niru’s ego was shattered.”

     Dada said, “ It’s good that this happened. Had your hurt ego not surfaced, how would you have recognised it and crushed it? So the suffering was a blessing in disguise.”

     Dada asked further, “What was it that made you suffer and who caused it?

     Niruma explained all that she knew to Dada, and finally concluded, “ Dada, it’s all over now. I do not bear any grudge against that person anymore.”

     A handful of wrist watches were bought by Dadashri from USA to be distributed as gifts amongst some Mahatmas. So when the person came for satsang next day, Niruma selected the best model of wrist watch and gifted it to him saying, “ Please accept this as a prasad (A blessed gift) from Dada.” Dadashri did not have to instructed her to say or do it. She did it on her own.

The concerned gentleman was very pleased. After he went away Dadashri looked at Niruma and said very lovingly, “ Our Niruben is so noble.”

Dadashri would always say of Niruma, "To this day, I have never seen nobility in any woman that can match the nobilty of Niruben."