What is Pure Soul ?

Questioner: What is required to be done if we need to achieve ultimate salvation?

Niruma: First you have to attain ‘self-realization‘ and then remain in awareness of pure soul by following 'Gnani's Agna'. Now to reach that level this is what needs to be done, a very conscious effort should be made such that not a single living being, however trivial it maybe, is ever hurt through our thoughts, speech or deeds even in the slightest form. Even after our utmost precautions if we end up hurting some being then we should sincerely repent over it and wash off those mistakes by doing 'pratikraman'. Sincerely adhering to these principles shall lead us to a 'Gnani' and we shall attain 'Gnan'. Later this 'Gnan' itself shall help us progress on the path of salvation and that shall be the ‘end of the journey'.

what is pure soul

Question: What is a ‘Soul’?

Niruma: What's your name?

Question: My name is Naman Rawal.

Niruma: Yes. But that's your name. But then 'who are you' actually?

Questioner: Well it seems as if Naman is to identify this physical body. I am totally different from within, maybe, a soul!

Niruma: Your true self is what you are 'within' and not this external physical being. Once you experience it then shall remain so forever. To recognize anything, we first need to know its qualities, similarly to know and experience the 'soul' one needs to recognize its qualities. Dadashri was bestowed with that knowledge of the 'soul', you too can attain that 'Gnan' once you reach the age of 18 years. Till then all you need to do is sincerely try not to hurt any living being and in case even after your best efforts if you end up hurting some being then you have to heartily repent over that act and do 'pratikraman'. Besides that, you should daily chant 'Dada Bhagwan na Aseem Jay Jay kar Ho' for a few minutes.

Questioner: What is a pure soul?

Niruma: The soul is eternally pure. You, your true self is completely separate from your name. Actions such as anger, greed, pride, deceit are all part of 'prakruti' and you as a pure soul are absolutely separate from it.

Questioner: People often say that there isn't a possibility to attain Godhood in this era – 'Kalyug', then how come Dadashri could attain it?

Niruma: Yes. Now you need to understand to whom do we address as Dada Bhagwan? Dada Bhagwan is not what you see as a physical body. Dada Bhagwan is neither an individual nor a person. Dada Bhagwan is actually addressed to the Supreme Lord ' The Parmatma' that resides within the physical body. Dada Bhagwan is addressed to the 'pure soul' within and the same 'Dada Bhagwan – pure soul' resides within us all, within you, within all around us, in fact within each and every life form.

Questioner: What's the link between Dada Bhagwan and Lord Simandhar Swami? How did He come to know of Simandhar Swami?

Niruma: With the help of His 'subtle' body Dadashri was able to communicate with Lord Simandhar Swami. He would speak with the Lord, ask questions and seek further knowledge. He was able to travel to 'Mahavideh Kshetra' with the help of 'subtle body'.

Question: Where is Dada Bhagwan now? Can he come back?

Niruma: After toiling for ages He could finally realize His dream of being with Lord Simandhar Swami, now why would He come back from there? From there He would like to progress further and attain ultimate salvation. Suppose you pass your 5th standard and gradually progress to clear your matriculation then would you like to come back and sit class 5 again? You wouldn't ever. But then, after once having created that awareness of the 'self' He will always remain with us in 'subtle' form. Besides that, he has left us, Niruma and Deepakbhai, as His heirs who shall keep on spreading His message to the future generations.