Importance of Aarti

Questioner: We want to perform Aarti at home with utmost devotion, but most of the time mind gets lost in thoughts. What we should do to concentrate?


Niruma: The solution is to recite the Aarti loudly and look at photos of Dada and Lord Simandhar Swami, whilst doing so.


Questioner: Mom always insists that I perform Aarti of Dada & Swami, but I get bored doing so. There are always differences over this issue, in our house.


Niruma: Hmm! You talk straight.


Questioner: Yes. Honestly, mind doesn’t like performing Aarti. Intellect projects that Aarti is for seekers on the ‘Kramik’ way and drifts us away!


Niruma: No dear, it’s not like that. There is science behind it. Dada has said that he is always present in subtle form, without fail, when an Aarti is being performed. But we have a different setting in Akram way. We know that Simandhar Swami ‘embodied’ is separate from ‘enlightened’ pure soul within him.  Just as Dhawal - the Aarti performer, is relatively separate from his Pure Soul in real terms.  Suppose we are doing Aarti of Lord Simandhar Swami, then Dhawal in relative form is performing in front of Simandhar Swami in relative form, whereas Pure Soul of Dhawal in real form is inseparable and united with the Pure Soul of Lord Simandhar Swami. This act of separating ourselves and maintaining clear vision generates happiness.

Similarly, when we chant ‘Dada Bhagwan Na Asim Jai Jaikar Ho’, we are pointing to ‘Pure Soul’ manifested in him and not his photograph. We need the medium of photograph just because we cannot pray or perform Aarti of ‘Our Pure Soul’ directly. All our acts of Aarti, Divo, Puja (worship) are to be performed with this understanding that in real terms we are also ‘Pure Soul’ like Dada Bhagwan. Actually we are yet to complete our experience in totality. The image and the photos help us to enhance our concentration power and awareness of separation, otherwise it becomes mechanical and creates boredom. So try this setting and you will experience bliss.