Should we eat Non-veg?

This inspirational incident took place in the year 1996, when Niruma was on a satsang tour of America. During the tour, a session was held especially for the youth, wherein all those present there were busy asking questions about their personal issues. A 14-year-old teenager who was attending the satsang for the very first time, was sitting quietly in a corner and listening to all this. Just then, one of the boys asked, “Niruma, can we eat chicken?”

With sternness in her tone Niruma replied, “How can one eat chicken?” and became silent. After that, the boy too did not ask any further questions. During the break when no one was around, the boy sitting in the corner went up to Niruma and asked, “Niruma, you said that we should not have chicken, but you did not give the reason. So I am not convinced.”

Should we eat Non-veg ?

Niruma then asked him, “Do you eat chicken?”
The boy replied in affirmation, and once again Niruma didn't say anything further.
The boy then continued, “But you will have to explain why one should not have it.”
So, Niruma asked him, “Can you produce a chicken?”
“No”, said the boy.

Then Niruma prodded further, “Okay. Now if I were to give you a chicken and a knife would you be able to chop it?” With a frown on his face, the boy once again replied in the negative.
To this Niruma explained, “Then you don't have any right to eat it. You have no moral right to eat that which you cannot produce or kill.” This simple yet powerful statement had its impact on the young fellow's mind and he was touched by the explanation. Niruma further said, “If you can cut grass or any vegetable with the knife then you have the right to eat it and you won't feel any discomfort too.” 

Then she added, “Now let me explain the whole thing scientifically: Animals have teeth to tear apart their prey and their intestine is only five feet in length while yours is twenty-one feet long. So your non – vegetarian intake shall remain within, start decaying and cause discomfort. While in the case of animals it shall be excreted speedily. Hence we should not have non – veg.”

This detailed explanation convinced the boy thoroughly and he stopped having chicken and other non – vegetarian food that day onwards. 

Our salutations to Gnani's amazing depth of knowledge and wisdom…!!