Secret of happiness

The incident dates back to the year 1987 when Dadashri was in USA. A couple of mahatmas were sitting in front of Dadashri. Niruma was at Dada’s service running around joyously.

Seeing this, Dadashri told the mahatmas, “Just look at the grace of Niruma! She is behaving like a princess!” He then added,” Do you know the reason behind this?”

Mahatmas replied in the negative.

Secret of happiness

Dadashri then clarified, “When her father died I had hugged her and consoled her that she need not worry. I am your father from now on here in Baroda. The grace is all about that!”

Aha, the incident occurred in 1968 and was clarified and brought to notice by Dadashri in 1987, after 20 years! It was then that Niruma realized the reason behind her being graceful. She had that feeling all the same throughout but was unable to figure out the reason behind this.

It’s a serious matter to know something and not disclose it for 20 years. This is an example of oceanic depth. People like us won’t be able to remain silent and would speak out no matter the other person understands you or not.

Niruma stayed with Dadashri for 20 years and during that time she became aware of Dadashri’s natural strength.

She always used to say, “We can understand what the Gnani’s (Enlightened Beings) possess, only when we are close to them.” We hear a lot about them quite often. But how can we trust that? Theoretically it will not yield any result. However, when one is in personal touch, it sprouts instantly and develops our inner strength.  Dadashri was a living example in front of us. His life was a living example of his artistic behavior, strength, and gnan, the ultimate in understanding for Niruma.

This way Niruma herself became all loving by observing and studying Dadashri all through of his inner strength, gnan, and wisdom.