Laghuraj swami

Laghuraj Swami was born in 1854 in the village of Vatäman situated in Ahmedabad District. Since the boy happened to free the family from the disgrace of being childless, his mother as well as the people in the village loved him. He was named as Lallubhäi. His father’s name was Krishnadäs and mother’s was Kushaläbäi.

Laghuraj swami

He was imbibed with the virtues of simplicity, generosity, friendliness, etc. and that endeared him to everyone. In that village his family was considered prominent, reputable and financially well off.

At early age of 25, he was caught by anemia. Since that disease had not overcome, in spite of several measures, the people gave up the hope of his survival. Lallubhai felt that he would not survive. There upon he brought sugar-cakes from Dholka and started distributing to those who came to see him. He also exchanged the message of 'Forgive and Forget' with all relatives.

On account of inner wholesome trait, it occurred to him that he had obtained favorable situations in life by virtue of the earlier wholesome Karma; but what would happen, if he died without doing anything in the present life? Hence he thought of becoming a monk, if he recovered from the illness. It so happened that the disease started getting milder and he recovered from it. As such, he became eager to renounce the worldly life.

On the other hand, mother Kushala was much agitated to hear that he wanted to become a monk. She promised before a Guru that if Lallubhai continued to hold detachment after staying two more years in worldly life; she would not prevent him from renouncing. Since there was no alternative, Lalluji went back home and spent most of the time in religious activities. His mother finally gave him the permission to renounce the world when he was father to a five-week old child. He was initiated by Muni Harakhchandji in 1884 at Khambhät. Thus Lallubhai became Lalluji Muni at the age of 30.

During 1890 he came to know from Ambälälbhäi that there was one great spiritual ascetic named Shrimad Rajchandra, who was self-realized and who had miraculous capabilities. As Ambälälbhäi came to know of his eagerness to come in contact with Shrimad Rajchnadra, he arranged for that when Shrimadji came to Khambhät during late 1890.

Shrimadji was 14 years younger and was in the lay life. Still at the time of the very first meeting Lalluji was so overwhelmed with devotional affection that he fell at his feet, though the Shrimadji tried to prevent him. He instantly figured out that Shrimad Rajchandra was highly advanced Soul. While he himself was in serious pursuit of self-realization, he visualized the need of a living master, a live Gnani Purush, who could guide the way. As such, he was keen to respect him. He asked Guru Harakhchandji whether he could get some guidance from Shrimad. As Guru granted it, he requested Shrimad to go upstairs. Such was his dedication that he bowed to him 3 times when he met Shrimad Rajchandra though he was a monk and Shrimad Rajchandra was a ‘Grihasth’ almost half his age.

Lalluji Swami said with folded hands that he was desirous of gaining the right perception and observance of celibacy. For a while Shrimad remained silent and then said 'okay'. Thereafter he held the first right toe of Laluji Swami, examined it and then went down.

 On the way home he told Ambalalbhai that Lalluji Swami had been a spiritually oriented being, since his previous life.

Without caring for the sectarian constraints, he devoted his life to remain in contact with Shrimadji and to resort to his instructions. On that account he had to face problems from the sectarian people. Since he was accepting a layman as his Guru, obstructions were raised even in his getting food and water. However, this great man was living only for the sake of realization. As such, he remained steady and faithfully resorted to the realized Guru. Without being affected by the obstructions, he stayed dedicated to his objective and always remained eager to get the benefit of Shrimad’s contact.

To be continued...