Completely free from anger!

Question: Nobody listens to me. Nobody pays attention to what I say, Things don't happen according to my wish. I am unable to control myself, when I become angry. I deal angrily with speech and action. How can I control anger?

Answer: There is no reason to get worked up in this world at all. When somebody does not obey you or does not listen to you, it is no reason for you to get angry. Here you should keep cool and get things done. Getting angry is a terrible weakness. What is anger? First you flare up and then you 'burn' the other person. Since anger is a weakness, it happens. God has called such a person 'a Weakling'. All weaknesses, such as anger, pride, attachment, greed, when absent in a person, can be termed God. He projects a good personality since he has no 'Weakness'. He may just casually mention something, yet people would believe him. In spite of extreme heat, grass and plants don't burn, but when it is very cold and snowing, all plants, trees, grass, cotton wither.


Lord Krishna – Completely free from anger!

We have heard the story of Kaliya Nag that happened 5000 years ago. In this episode, the irritation or anger is the 'serpent'. There was no need of Lord Krishna to control Kaliya Nag. A snake – charmer could have done that and that would have sufficed. The one who succeeded in winning over anger (an icon for Anger) was Lord Krishna. This metaphor continues now. Krishna is present to bring under control tyrant Kaliya Nag. That 'Nag' is anger. So, you become 'Krishna' when all your anger vanishes forever! During his entire life, Lord Krishna did not get angry, so the serpent (anger) remained subdued to him. This episode of triumph of Lord Krishna completely overcome anger has been quoted in scriptures as an example. If you want to be free from anger, be anger free like Lord Krishna, what should we do? Dadashri has suggested four steps to come out of any wrong habit. To overcome one's own weakness, Dadashri has shown four steps. If you have habit of getting angry, you should get rid of it with the following four steps:

STEP 1: Decide - We must make a 100% strong decision - “It is wrong to get angry” 

STEP 2: Analyze - “Why it is wrong?” Should be clearly understood along with the consequent results thereafter.

STEP 3: Pratikraman - Each time you get angry, you should repent “Hey Dada Bhagwan, please forgive me because anger is wrong and give me the strength to never get angry again”.

STEP 4: No Protection - Never protect your weakness