Dada's Aagna Vyavasthit

Jai Sat Chit Anand Friends,

I would like to share an event that took place in my life a few days back. But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Hitesh and I am a resident of Surat. Few days back, I was riding my motorbike back home from my father’s shop. I felt extremely thirsty and thought about having a soda at a ‘soda shop’ on the way.

dada aagna vyavasthit

Just then, I remembered that I was not carrying any money with me. So I thought about skipping the soda and planned to quench my thirst with a cold drink on reaching home. On my path, there is a turnaround which divides the road in two, both leading to my residence. The shorter of the two leads directly to my home, while the longer route has the ‘soda shop’ on the way.

On reaching the turnaround, it completely slipped off my mind that I didn’t have a penny in my pocket and thought to have that soda after all. So I turned my motorbike towards that direction. No sooner had I gone in that direction, I got into an accident when another motorbike rider crashed into my bike. On getting up, I realized that I was the only one who had injuries across the face, hands and legs, in addition to the fracture in one of my hands.

On the contrary, one of those two had minor scratches and the one riding that bike went unscathed. Within few minutes, a crowd of people gathered around us and all of them claimed that I was not to be blamed for the accident as that other guy was at fault. While I was checking myself for the injuries, those two walked away to a nearby clinic.

Looking at my state, someone from the crowd requested to call 108 – the ambulance service in Gujarat, to which I declined. At this, one of the shop keepers helped me to a nearby clinic. On reaching there, I saw those two guys too sitting there. I went up to them to inquire about their injuries before going into the doctor’s cabin for first aid. On coming out, the shopkeeper who had accompanied me was thoroughly disgusted and aired his views, “You are simply crazy, you went and inquired about the well being of those two guys, had I been in your place I would have slapped them.” As a result of Dada’s gnan I could remain extremely calm throughout the whole situation and told that shopkeeper, “We just settled our account,” and thanking him rode back home.

Learning: During this whole event, I could actually learn how crystal clear Dada’s aagna of ‘Vyavasthit’ is. How the circumstances fell in place and I totally forget about not carrying any cash and took that route that led to the ‘soda – pub’ and finally ended up with the accident. I had to face the accident because the chain of events led me to it. I am extremely pleased to note that during the whole episode I was completely at peace and didn’t even have a slightest bit of anger towards that guy nor the thought that it was his fault. Dada’s gnan immediately came to my rescue in the aagna of ‘Vyavasthit’

- Hitesh Waghela, YMHT, Surat