Height of devotion

Many years ago Pujyashri Deepakbhai got the divine chance of Dadashri’s personal seva. Niruma was in Dadashri’s personal seva since long.


Pujyashri Deepakbhai had tremendous devotion towards Niruben. In the heart of his hearts, he symbolised Niruben with 'Mallinath Bhagwan'. His devotion towards Niruben was akin to that of Shri Hanumanji's devotion towards Lord Ram. For him, it was Dadashri on one hand and Niruben on the other.

Yet Dadashri asked him: “Do you see any fault in Niruben?”

To this Deepakbhai replied: “No Dada, as such I don't see any fault in her but when somebody tells me some negatives about her then it gets to my head and I keep on wondering as to why did Niruben do so?”

On hearing this, Dadashri immediately cautioned Deepakbhai saying, “Look. Never see a single fault in Niruben. If you make such a mistake then you shall lose out on all the progress that you have made through her guidance.” From that very moment Deepakbhai made up his mind to never ever see any fault in Niruma.

After this incident, Deepakbhai has never seen faults in Niruma.

 1 Gyani's guidance & 2-strong Nischay (decision) on our end can liberate us from any of our mistake.