Free from tension during job interviews

It was the time when I was in MCA-4th Semester. After that I was going to appear in Campus Selection interview. I was an average scoring student and belonged to a poor family. I was doubtful, whether I would be selected for the job or not? I was bad at English and hence was not confident speaking with others. All the negative events and failures of my past kept coming to my mind.

Free from tension during job interviews

At the first company I cleared the written test and the GD round, but in the personal interview, I got rejected. This was unexpected and really shocked me. I started watching Niruma & Pujyashree Satsang programs, and then I again studied with more dedication as if nothing had happened to me.

At the next company I couldn't even clear the written exam; imagine the situation of a person whose parents have lots of expectations for him/her to get a job. At the third company again I failed the written test. All my friends who were facing a similar situation either started crying or feeling depressed or started talking negative about others. I never talked negative or bad about any one. My friends noticed this and thought that I didn’t have tension at all.

I got rejected by 9 companies but without telling anything to my parents I faced every situation with equanimity. No matter how many times they asked, I always replied I will surely get placed. Those days I also took help of one Mahatma who had introduced me to Dada’s Gyan. I told him everything and he guided me that at each and every step apply Dada’s Gyan, and follow '5 Agnyas’ and remain in ‘sambhaav’ (Equanimity). That is the very reason even after not being able to clear written exams in more than 9 companies, I had not given up. Some years back, I had got depression due to failure in one subject in my BCA exams and had to take medicine for 3 months. But not this time. I could overcome not only outside situation, but also my inner feelings as well, with Dada’s Gyan and His grace.

Now my only chance was to attend Off-Campus interviews. Whoever has appeared for Off-Campus, they know the competition, but I was ready to face it. I got selected at the 13th company I was interviewed! Till then almost all my friends had got placed, even some were placed twice also. Imagine the situation, how much tension and suffering one has? While I was waiting outside the interview panel room, I told myself, “Go…. Dada, Niruma and Swami, all are with you and you are going to rock today”.

At the interview they asked technical questions, then about my family and at last was the HR round. They asked one question to which I had a slip of my tongue and upon hearing that they all burst out laughing. When the results came it was unbelievable for me and my family that I had got the job, finally. Tears came to my eyes and my heart spoke, 'Dada has listened to my prayer.' Now I am working as a computer programmer in a very high profile bank. See friends, getting placement or not is one thing but keeping equanimity, courage, positivity, confidence, free from sufferings and tensions, from where will we learn all these in life?