Separation from doer-ship

The year was 1987. Dadashri frequently asked many questions to Niruma to enable her to remain separate from the feeling of “doer-ship” in all routine activities like – Who made this food? Who made this garland? Who served this? Who made kadhi?


Dadashri used to ask so casually that Niruma instantly replies – “I made it”

Then Dada would react sternly – “What? Who did it?”

Niruma would then realize something had gone wrong. She would then amend the reply and say – “Niru did it.”


This is how Dada used to assist Niruma to practice ‘awareness of remaining separate from doer-ship’.

This happened on regular basis for few months at a stretch.


It so happened that one fine morning Dadashri was taking bath and Niruma was helping him. Suddenly Dadashri asked, “Niruben, what do you feel at this moment”?

Niruma replied – “Dada, I feel I am worshipping the Lord manifested in this temple of human form and I am performing ‘Prakshal’ (a ritual where idols bathed with milk in a temple)”


Then Dadashri said, “No! Not like that! You should always bear in mind that Niruben is helping Dada to take bath. Niruben performing the act is separate and Dada having the bath is separate as a person (in relative terms). But “I” and “Dada” are inseparable (abhed) in real terms as Pure Soul!”


The act of keeping her own self separate from doer-ship thus fitted in Niruma’s awareness all throughout life.

How unique are ways of Gnani that helps the followers to ride the ladder of achievement?