Benefits of Aarti, Vidhi & Asim Jai Jaikar Ho

Before I joined YMHT, I was not able to take any adjustments at home. There were lot of frictions and frequent quarrels with brothers and sisters. I was feeling bored doing ‘Aarti, vidhi & asim jai jaikar’ and felt lazy all the time. But everything changed for better ever since I joined YMHT and started attending regular sessions.


I was always confused and lacking common sense when there were matters involving competition or selection. But after chanting ‘asim jai jaikar’ my performance in exams improved a lot and I started scoring high marks and topped in rank. Earlier I had the habit of having things done my way. But now I always give opportunity to others to have their say in all works as suggested by Shri Dada Bhagwan.  I am more sharing and open nowadays then what I was earlier.

If we all chant “Dada Bhagwan na Asim Jai Jaikar Ho” we will find lots of changes within ourselves.

-Rajkot YMHTian