Gnani - An idol of astonishment

This is about the time when Niruma had not yet met Dada. One night Dadashri came to Niruma in her dream, and gave her beautiful Darshan of him. In the dream, Dadashri takes her higher and higher into the sky. He takes her very high into the sky. Niruma experiences deep happiness because Dadashri is taking her so high. Suddenly, Niruma got suspicious about where Dadashri was planning to take her! Was he trying to trap her in anyway? As soon as she had this suspicion, she felt herself falling from the sky, and fell hard into the water. This happened within a second of her having the suspicion. As soon as she fell into the water, she turned into a fish. When she saw that she had turned into a fish, she started shouting so loudly for Dadashri to take her back up into the sky. "Take me out of here!" She cried and she screamed! She woke up screaming and crying, her eyes flew open, she had tears in her eyes.


After a while, when she saw Dadashri for the first time, He was exactly like the Dadashri she saw in her dream. The same eyes, the same compassion in his eyes. His whole image, the same as she saw in her dream. Dadashri had given her his Darshan when she had not yet seen him in the flesh! When Niruma woke from her dream, she had firmly decided that from then on, she would never doubt anything that Dadashri would say or do.

Niruma asked Dadashri about this dream, saying that although she had never seen him, how did he come to her in her dream?

Dadashri said to her," The things and persons you have not seen before cannot come to you in your dreams. You dream of the things and/or persons that you have already met or seen. You have never met me in this lifetime, but you have met me in your previous life, and that is why I came to you in your dream."