Experience in YUVA camp

Experience in YUVA camp

YUVA is a special week long camp organised for the youth aged 17 to 21 years.


I had participated in one of those camps and trust me the experience was mind blowing. I learnt and gained a lot during that week. We were given practical understanding of audio – video, photography etc. Besides all this we played various games.

We even cooked our own food and although we were doing so for the first time it was an amazing experience.

The experiences of 'seva' shared by 'mahatmas' gave a new insight on the significance of 'seva'. Finally doing 'bhakti' and 'garba' on Dadashri's 'pads' too was a wonderful experience.

Our days were packed with sessions and games. We had such a great time that even at the end of the day, which was always well past midnight, we were all charged up and did not wish to hit bed.

I would only like to add, ‘YUVA – I love you.’

-Simandhar City YMHT


It is really a tough task to put the experience of the best seven days of my life in just a few words. I think those seven days spent at the YUVA camp were not the best days just for me but also for all the other participants who attended the camp.

The camp included lot of interactive sessions and workshops. For the first time in my life I was able to attend and focus myself for 3 straight hours with complete interest during the workshop.

The atmosphere was so charged up that even though we played till the wee hours every morning, we were able to wake up in time to attend 'prakshal' and 'puja' at 5.00 a.m. In the evenings we did 'arti' and 'bhakti' in the 'mandir'.

To sum up I would only like to state that I am eagerly awaiting the next 'YUVA' camp.

-Simandhar City YMHT