Education and Accounting Skills

Dadashri: How much educated are you?

Questioner: B.Com. and thereafter Post graduate degrees in Banking & Finance.

Dadashri: Training in accounts is a must. It is compulsory. Everyone talks of importance of education. But calculations and accounting skills are also imperative. Education is merely theoretical whereas accounting skills are more practical.

Education And Accounting Skills

Questioner: What should be the aim of education?

Dadashri: Education prevents one from going the wrong way. If one is not learned enough, where would he go? He will get engaged in all forms of bad habits. Education brings development. One learns to interact with people in society, with etiquette.

Thanks to Englishmen that they have helped us in developing our intellect. People now are more sensible. People have stopped frequent quarrels and they are now more flexible in attitude.

In our days, both theoretical and practical education was imparted in tandem. Nowadays what we see is more of a theoretical type. It is to tread on one line. The real thing is to develop practical knowledge. People will appreciate your experience and not book knowledge. You may know everything about the mountains but what’s the point if you have not climbed it. Hence your education needs to be multi-dimensional.

If these youngsters come here and learn actual science for about an hour a day, it can bring radical change in their life.  He will know truth about how the world functions! How is it composed? He will be able to deal with others in a cordial manner.

Present generation possess a healthy mind. They just need to be guided properly. If they come in our contact, they can really blossom. They are capable of achieving spiritual transformation.