Glimpses of Real Religion & Relative Religions

 Have you noticed that we have been guided since our birth as to which religion we belong to? We are jain or Vashnav or Sikhs etc! There are number of relative religions in the world and people simply follow them as guided by their ancestors & scriptures. In this issue let us take a look into different relative religions of the world and their spiritual belief.  Well that’s not all. There is also another view and understanding of spiritual belief as perceived by an Enlightened Master(Gnani Purush) . Enjoy the toss-up between Real & Relative worlds and find the crux. Happy hunting!!!


Glimpses of World Religions






Sikhism Jainism

Glimpses of Real Religion

       A circle has 360 degrees. Christians, Parsis, Muslims, Hindus etc., all have different viewpoints. One is sitting at 80 degrees, one at 120 degrees, and one at 220 degrees. Everyone sees through his or her own perspective and viewpoint. I am sitting in the center, having completed 360 degrees, as a fully enlightened being. A Gnani Purush, sitting in the center, can see and know things exactly as they are and can impart that knowledge to others exactly as it is. All religions are correct but they are relative religions. They are religions of viewpoints. But if one wants to know the facts, then he will have to come to the center. Only in the center will one find the Real religion (religion of the Soul). Only the one in the center that can see all points of view and therefore is without any prejudice or bias towards any religion. That is why I say that I am Lord Mahavir of the Jains, Lord Krishna of the Vaishnavas, Sahajanand of the Swaminarayans, Christ of the Christians, Zarthustra of the Parsis and Khuda of the Muslims. So anyone may come here and receive whatever he wants. I am the God of all religions. So get your work done here. I can bestow upon you the status of God within an hour but you have to be ready for it. However, you will not be able to digest all the Gnan that I give you, for even I am stuck at 356 degrees. This is because of the current time cycle. But I do bestow upon you the absolute Omniscient Knowledge (Kevalgnan; 360 degrees).

       A potato baking in a charcoal pit bakes from all sides. Similarly the whole world is being roasted from all sides. I see in my Gnan the whole world is being tormented in a blazing fire of gasoline from all sides. My only concern is how people can be liberated from all this. That is the very purpose for my birth. Half the world will achieve salvation through me and the other half through my followers. However, I am not the doer at all. I am merely a nimit (an instrument) in all this. The Germans are in search of Absolutism. They have researched volumes and volumes of our scriptures for this. But it is not that easy. Today I am manifest as the Absolute. The whole world is immersed in the theory of relativity. All of my mahatmas (those who have acquired Gnan of Self-Realization from Dadashri) are in the theory of reality and I am in the theory of Absolutism. Therefore when I go to Germany I will tell them that I have come there personally and that they should take whatever they want from me. This (Dada) is the “cash Bank” of the world. I will give you ‘cash’ (instant benefit) in just one hour. I will place you in the Real state. Everywhere else they give you a ‘loan’ and you have to make payments. Regrettably that is what you have done for countless lives and yet there is no end in sight. You have not received ‘cash’ in any of your past lives.