The Cosmos and the Manifestation of Life

Questioner: How did the human being first come into existence? How did my soul first come into existence?

Niruma: You mean human beings or one-sense creatures?

Questioner: One sense creatures. How did they come into existence?

Cosmos and Manifestation of Life

Niruma: There are infinite souls and matter particles in Cosmos (Universe). There is nothing like a first or last life. Life can be said only when one attains ‘Nirvana’ or ‘Moksha’ (ultimate salvation). However, there is nothing such as a first life.

Questioner: Why did such a situation arise? Why did all this happen?

Niruma: There are six eternal elements in this universe and they are found within us as well.

Questioner: Does that mean that we were first made of these six eternal elements. How did one sense creatures come into existence?

Niruma: The six elements are eternal and permanent and as per the law of spiritual science there can neither be beginning nor an end to that which is permanent.

Questioner: Even science does not have any answer to this?

Niruma: No, science itself states that there can’t be a beginning or an end to anything that is ‘permanent’. Pure soul and matter particles are both eternal and permanent.

Questioner: Then how did the first human being come into existence?

Niruma: Through the process of “evolution”. Life manifests itself into higher realms. It develops from one-sense creature to two and accordingly evolves into higher stages. This process is purely natural till the time the ‘life’ (jeev) reaches the form of a human. Then on attaining the state of a human, ‘ego’ comes into play. Because of this ‘ego’ he feels that he himself is the ‘doer’ and this causes his downfall.

Questioner: Those who are born in India are ‘very spiritually developed” whereas awareness of those in the rest of the world seems to be comparatively lower. Why is that so?

Niruma: Initially, the development of the ‘life’ happens in the form of its physical state and once it reaches the state of a human, the spiritual development begins. Through this process of internal development one reaches a state where he begins to believe in reincarnation (life after death). He feels that there is a scope to break the shackles of life and death, hence desire to realize ‘soul’. All this is possible only to those born in India. In India even a child is so highly developed that he is aware that his sufferings are due to his past life ‘karmas’, thus making him eligible to attain ultimate salvation (moksha). The rest of the world are yet to understand the science of life after death then where is the scope for them to understanding things beyond that.