Amba Maa

How to impress? By naturalness!

The Myth of Amba Maa

Amba Ma, also known as Goddess Durga, is an incredibly worshipped celestial being, Devi. Her story is such that she was created by the trinity of Gods: Bhrama, Vishnu and Shiva, in order to battle a powerful demon, named Mahishasura.


Amba Maa 1


Mahishasura had become a troublesome in the world but could only be destroyed by a woman. Thus, she was supplied weapons by the Gods in order to take down Mahishasura.

If you look at Amba Ma’s idol, you will notice her multiple hands carrying some sorts of weapons. These are symbolic to the ones supplied to her. For example, Vishnu provided her a disc, Shiva gave her a trident, Agni gave her a spear, Vayu offered arrows, so on and so forth.

She is known to have fought and finally defeat Mahishasura, and thus, this triumphant win is celebrated amongst many in this day and age. From Bengal to Kashmir to Gujarat, she is celebrated and worshipped at different times.

However, she is actually adhyashakti, or the original energy force. She gives protection and energy to one’s inner nature, making it very powerful.


 Symbolism of Murti/Idol

Amba Ma’s beautiful aarti is sung daily in the Trimandir, as worshippers ask for strength, shakti, to win over their unnaturalness.

Worshipped as the ‘supreme power’ and ‘the one who eliminates suffering’, Goddess Amba Ma’s idol has many forms of symbolism.


Amba maa 2

For one, she is represented as many different incarnations such as Kali, Ambika, and Bhagvati. Her numerous hands, often 8 to 10, not only depict how she protects from all sides but also hold weapons, such as a conch.

The lion or tiger she sits on represents her determination and will power, and her mastery of these qualities. One should possess these qualities, but in natural form.

Her various weapons symbolize different attributes as well. For example, her sword is known to represent knowledge, since knowledge is sharp just like the edge of a sword. She also contains a lotus on one hand which is not fully bloomed. This means that devotees should continuously be evolving spiritually.

These are all forms of interpreting the idol of Amba Ma, but Dada explains the true value and purpose behind praying to her. What should we ask from her and how should we please her? Let’s take a further look!


In Dada’s Words: How to please Amba Ma?

“Goddess Ambikadevi means sahaj (natural) prakruti. Each Goddess has her own rules and they will be pleased if you abide by those rules. ‘We’ are Goddess Ambika’s one and only son.

Amba Maa 3

If you were to take a message or a note from ‘us’ to her, she would grant you a favor. If you have a son and a servant, and if that servant remains loyal to you and abides by your every rule, would he not be dear to you? He would be.

‘We’ have never broken or violated any rules of Goddess Ambikama. ‘We’ always abide by her rules. That is why all the three Goddesses are constantly pleased with ‘us’. If you want to please them you too should abide by their laws.

What does Goddess Ambikama stand for? She represents natural prakruti so how can she be pleased with you if you break the natural state of prakruti? This Goddess Ambika is someone unique; she is the Mother Goddess.

If the prakruti becomes natural, so will the Self, without doubt. And when the Self moves towards becoming natural, so will the prakruti.”


In Dada’s Words: Various Names

 “In India, they have many different names for Mataji (mother Goddess). How vast this science must be!

Just imagine how extensive their research must have been that they discovered Goddesses Ambamata (also known as Ambika), Saraswatidevi and Lakshmidevi.

This science made tremendous progress, but now it is nowhere to be found; nowadays people do not know how to do darshan, or worship, of these goddesses.

Goddess Ambika is adhyashakti (original energy force). She grants energy to the prakruti. Prakruti becomes powerful and energized by worshipping her.

Goddess Ambika can destroy one’s worldly obstacles, but liberation can only be attained through Gnan. She cannot destroy one’s sins, but they give energy to the prakruti.

In Bengal she is called Durgama, but really it is Ambika herself.

There are many different names for the Goddess, she is a powerful Goddess.”


Benefit of Worshipping Amba Ma

 “There are tremendous benefits of worshipping the divine Amba Mata. By sincerely worshipping her, one’s inherent nature remains good.

Her worship helps sansaris, who are non-self-realized

beings living in the worldly life, as well as self-realized beings.

Considering she is the celestial being of prakruti, or one’s inherent nature, she will constantly help everyone’s physical body,  prakrutik energy, remain natural and pure. Things become better through her grace and blessings.”

So the next time we all pray to Amba Ma or do her aarti, let’s remember these facts! Let’s pray that our nature can become like that of the ultimate, Pujya Dada Bhagwan!