Experiences during Satsang Tour with Pujyashree

In 2010, I had an opportunity to travel with Pujyashri, for 'satsang tour' to New Zealand and Australia. In New Zealand, there is a beautiful and thrilling attraction of skydiving, in which one jumps from a height of 11500 ft.

To reach that height one had to wear the appropriate gear and go by helicopter to skydive from 11500 feet which sounded very thrilling. Several 'mahatmas' and I were ready to do it, but many were afraid to skydive. What if they got hurt? What if they had a heart problem? Would they face other problems? Many such questions arose.

Pujyashri came to know about the attraction and all the doubts the Mahatmas were having. In the midst of his satsang, by way of encouragement, it just slipped out of him that, “Of course, everyone should go! Niruma was fond of such mischievous and thrilling adventures. She admired children who were bold instead of those who were scared of adventure. If there is a chance, it should not be missed. Why should you be afraid? Be in awareness of 'Shuddhatma' and 'know' the various emotions that File No.1 is going through!”

Also, Pujyashri urged the Aptputri (who was in his 'seva' or service) to put aside her fear and join us in having this experience. On our return, he was as thrilled as we were. He gathered information of the whole process by asking all the Mahatmas and from all the different angles.

- Chhaya Narielwala