12Aug | Yboys Summer Camp 2023 | Ruislip Dada Darshan (UK)

12Aug_Yboys Summer Camp 2023_Ruislip Dada Darshan_UK

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Yboys Summer Camp was held @ Ruislip Dada Darshan (UK)

Date: 12Aug 2023, Sunday from 10am to 4pm

Topic: Happiness (from Reals to Real)

17 Boys (aged 11-22) and 3 Coordinators

  • The boys did few warm up activities and ice breakers, followed by discussion on all the situations in which they get sad, annoyed, unhappy.
  • They did an activity to uninstall unhappiness and not to give remote of happiness to anyone.
  • They were divided into 3 groups and had group discussion on Social Media.
  • Satsang with Parthivbhai was very helpful, they did an activity prior to his satsang, suggested by Parthivbhai on "Benefits of Social Media and Benefits of real life interactions, their positives and negatives", which made the boys think and they had few questions to ask him.
  • They did laughter exercise understanding the benefits of seeing and laughing as well as to make others laugh without making fun of them.
  • After satsang the boys went to the park to play football.
  • Majority of the boys were 18+ and this year it wasn’t very difficult to convince them to attend the camp.