Summer Never Felt So Good | Fortunate to Have Attended Summer Camp 2023 | 17-21 Youth girls

Summer camps can be a wonderful opportunity for youth to have fun, make new friends, and learn new skills. But what if you could combine all of that with spiritual learning?

So, here are the highlights of Summer camp 2023, which made this possible.

  • A Blissful Gathering:

Youth’s conversation with the Spiritual Master Pujya Deepakbhai felt like a blessing from the divine. He helped them deepen their understanding, and provided practical and spiritual solutions for their burning issues.

A blissful gathering

  • The Wonder of Storytelling:

Storytelling sessions at summer camp were a valuable learning experience that taught important lessons for life.

Story telling

  • Small Acts, Big Impact

Youngsters had a positive experience during a Seva session at a summer camp. They did Seva in Amba Foods and Magazine department. It's great to hear that they all enjoyed the session.


  • All for One and One for All:

Participants played group games and laughed together. Thus, they formed close bonds with their fellow campers and created good memories.


  • A Session of Choices:

During the session, the focus was on ways to recognize and avoid temptation, and make correct choices based on our values and goals.