Fusion Camp 2023 Highlights | 13 to 21 years youth girls

Incredible fusion camp held at Adalaj during Diwali from November 17th to 19th

Day 1


The gathering of 330 young girls from across India brought together a vibrant mix of cultures and energies. We welcomed girls with a variety of props, like umbrellas, lezims, eye masks, dupattas, and many more. And then the girls, using these props, welcomed each other with different modes like dance, formation, and street play. And this was not just the welcome but was also conveying Dadashri's messages, adding depth and meaning to their performances.


The “Irritation” session aimed to help girls come out of their weakness of getting irritated by others and, at the same time, help them focus on how their behaviour might cause irritation to others. So, the whole session ultimately helped them build smooth relationships while dealing with people.


This was one of the important self-learning sessions. Here, the girls were divided into groups and presented with different topics, as below. The interesting part was how each group interpreted their assigned topic, what message they decided to convey to the audience, and showcasing the richness of ideas and creativity.

Topics were…

  • Words - A Powerful Weapon
  • Yes, I Can Do It
  • Dealing with Self
  • Money Money
  • First You Then Me
  • Where I Want to Be?
  • Hum Sath Sath Hai
  • Tips for Happy Family
  • True Friendship
  • Dos & Don't of Life
  • A Good Learner
  • Ye Mera India

The purpose of the presentation was twofold: to foster self-grooming among the girls and to impart and absorb Dadashri messages for personal growth and development, which was fulfilled successfully.

Night Games

During the night games, the girls had a blast and even indulged in refreshing cocoa milk, adding to their enjoyment.

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Fusion 2023 Day 1

Day 2

Presentation In front of Mahatma

All the groups presented their creations in front of the Mahatmas, who enjoyed and appreciated each presentation with immense love and enthusiasm. They experienced the efforts put in by the girls.

With Pujyshree

Two winning groups presented their presentations to Pujya Deepak Bhai, which proved to be a very special moment for those girls.

Moreover, they got the chance to talk with Pujya Deepakbhai in Satsang to get guidance and solutions to their problems.

“It’s Okay to be Different”

In this session, girls learned it's fine not to follow what everyone else does, especially when that conduct is leading you down the wrong path (Kusang). In those times, how to be strong and live on our values was discussed with them in an activity format, and deep understanding was passed during the group discussion with Aptputri Didis.


In this session, girls learned that the temptations of mobile and social media don’t really help them in the end. It's important to stay strong and resist those temptations for their own good.

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Fusion 2023 Day 2

Day 3


One of the attractions, Picnic, was arranged at Polo Forest and Mini Pavapuri (Jal Mandir). The girls had a lot of fun playing games and eating delicious food. They also did Bhakti at Mandir.

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