Yuva Camp 2023 | 18 to 21 years youth girls

Yuva 2023 – a special 3 day’ camp was arranged for all 18-21 years old Ymht girls at Baroda Trimandir. This camp is different from other routine camps in the following ways.

  • Girls are not allowed to use mobile phones.
  • They follow a tight schedule.
  • Girls have to be more responsible throughout, as we divide them into different teams like the management team, cleaning team, decoration team, news team, etc., and they have to be in their role for a day.
  • Small group size, so one-to-one touch of Aptputri benos

Yuva 2023 Welcome

The camp started with a special welcome for the girls, who overcame various obstacles and had funny makeup on their faces. They arrived at their rooms, where they were pleasantly surprised with gifts and personalized name plates on their beds.

Yuva sessions

In the camp, through different activities, videos, games, they gained a lot of knowledge on topics like openness, dealing with people, the key to success etc. Discussions with Aptputri benos on these topics added value to the lives of girls. For some of them, this was their first experience and a life-changing event too.

Yuva sessions

Apart from this, other highlights of the camp wear treasure hunt, bhakti-garba, prabhatferi, food mela: everyone come together and cook food, award ceremony among girls, tie and die creativity session. All these brought immense joy to the girls.

Yuva 2023 Picnic

The Picnic was a cherry on the cake for youth girls where they enjoyed to the fullest. They visited “Mama ni pol”, so called “Dada Mandir” where Dadashri stayed many years. The place touched the heart of girls as they felt the presence of Dadashri. Aptputri ben also shared many new stories of Dadashri. This was followed by going to farm house and having lunch at hotel. Girls are looking forward for the next Yuva camp.