Freedom to choose sessions: Summer Camp 2023 | 13 to 16 youth girls

This time, our camp stood out with its distinct and innovative format, where multiple activities were running simultaneously, offering participants the freedom to choose their preferred participation. This innovative method gives participants the freedom to choose and fully enjoy activities that connect to their interests, providing a unique and memorable camp experience.

The camp for young girls was organised in more than 15 cities. Over 650 girls attended this camp where they learned the valuable lessons of life.

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The camp was combination of everything:

Creativity The session proved to be an unforgettable experience, firing up our imaginations and fostering a sense of joy. Girls were eagerly waiting for the moment they could present this creation to their Mom as a heartfelt gift.

Games This session was just for fun. The girls played a variety of games like ball games, balloon games, 1-minute games, sports and water games.

Cook and Eat The participants engaged in teamwork to create the delectable feast, which they later relished. The session aimed to motivate them to cook for others with bhav (good inner intent) and help them understand the purpose of cooking for themselves.

Story telling The girls learned how to live a conflict-free life from the story of Lord Tirthankar Bhagwan. This opened their minds to think positively while approaching a conflict.

Group Discussion GD has always been a platform to open-up and share one's thoughts and feelings. All the girls eagerly await this safe space to discuss different issues of their lives with didis and get the answers for burning issues.

 Seva Girls performed a variety of tasks during the Seva hour, including cleaning chairs, packing book sets, cleaning the temple, donning sarees to goddess idols. Being selfless, and caring for others is a key aspect of a humble person’s life, through this session, they experienced the essence of ‘thinking for others’.

Bhakti The girls gained new knowledge about Bhakti and understood the significance of Bhakti. They liked using all the musical instruments to worship God.

Let us explore the remarkable experiences shared by the participants.

Whatever we learned in this summer camp, we will carry it to the next summer camp.
~ Ymht girl, Dhoraji

A lot of things were learned about God (Tirthankar Bhagwan) in the story telling session, which I had never heard before.
~ Bhakti Jani

In the camp, all the didis took care of us like family.
~ Khushbu Joshi

In the “Connect through Bhakti” session – it’s the first session for me. I got positive energy and my mind was fresh by morning devotion.
~ Ymht girl, Simandhar City

I really liked the story of Parswanath Bhagwan. It felt that we should live life like Lord Parshvanatha.
~ Riya Sojitra

I enjoyed the temple cleaning seva very much, as I have done such a seva for the first time, I felt very happy inside. I have never experienced this before.
~ Priyanshi Makwana

In the “Choice pe Charcha” session, I found solutions to my problems.
~ Isha Babariya