YMHT and WMHT Unite | Sports and Games Event 2024

300+ YMHT girls from 16+ centers arranged and planned a sports and games event day for the WMHT (Women Mahatma) group. A total of 1450+ women participated in and enjoyed the event.

The purpose of this event was to help girls learn overall event management, which includes planning, time management, budgeting, etc., and improve their skills like coordination, teamwork, and communication.

At all centers, YMHT girls warmly welcomed the WMHT group, reminiscing about childhood. They encouraged women to have fun, as the games were precisely designed for them. Prizes were also kept for the winners.

The WMHT group and YMHT girls had a great time together, eating snacks at the end. A very good connection was made through this event, and many new and never-to-be-forgotten memories were also created.

Highlights at different centers:

WMHT Event by YMHT