Summer Camp 2K24 Insider: Latest Updates and Exciting Moments

This summer camp was a combination of everything: from moral-based activities to fun-filled games, from thrilling outdoor adventures to creative arts and crafts, from making new friends to eating delicious food.

275+ youth girls aged 17 to 21 participated in a 3-day’ camp at Adalaj Trimandir.

Summer camp 2024 Glimpses

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Question-answer sessions with Spiritual Master Pujya Deepakbhai make this summer camp truly special, where one can ask openly about the problems faced in routine life. And sessions with Aptputri Benos helped youth girls in their personal growth.

Let’s have a journey through the exciting experience:

  • The camp started with a devotional connection by calling Lord Simandhar Swami, Pujya Dada Bhagwan, and Pujya Niruma into the camp. This was followed by an introduction session about the Dada Bhagwan Foundation, which was fully interactive and filled with fun.


  • This summer camp targeted burning issues among youth, such as:

Turning point: Session on Kusang: How to identify the turning points that lead one to a bad company and deal with them

See parents from a different angle: Though we know the parent’s importance in our lives, what issues do youth face with them and how can we avoid the same?

Comment management: how to react to people’s comments in routine life without getting affected

  • Other highlights of the camp were games on the lake. Youth girls enjoyed water games in the hot summer the most. Dot mandala art was a refreshing corner for the youth girls. They got the chance to show their creativity through this.

Overall, the camp proved to be a stepping stone into the spiritual and personal growth of young girls.