Summer Camp 2024 for teenagers: Learning, Laughter, and Lifelong Bonds

The Summer Camp 2024 is a special two-day camp held across 10+ different cities in India. A total of 480+ girls aged 13 to 16 enjoyed and learned a lot.

The camp wasn't just about fun; it was about learning values and personal growth.

First Day Highlights

The first day of camp was packed with hands-on activities and games through which girls learned how to overcome laziness and instill time management in their lives. The girls eagerly took part in each and every activity. They got solutions for their routine struggles like procrastination, prioritizing tasks, etc. from Aptaputriben during a group discussion.

Second Day Highlights

On the next day, girls got three keys to happiness: adjustment, helping others, and serving their parents. The session included practical tips on applying these keys in their daily lives to remain happy in any situation.

Fun activities and creative arts

In addition to the above, girls enjoyed various water games, balloon games, 1-minute games, etc. The girls had a blast playing these games with friends, creating unforgettable memories. Additionally, they made bookmarks with unique dot mandala designs.

Photo gallery of all camps: