Youth Value Addition - YUVA 2014

Young MHT launches YUVA (YoUth Value Addition) Camp. Which is an Advanced Course study on Dada's Akram Vignan for regular YMHTians around the Nation. It comprises of Fun, Excitement, Enjoyment, Seva Activities, Sports, Workshop Trainings, Practical Understanding of Dada's Science, Games, Bhakti, Picnic and much more...

3-4 May 2014 | Summer Camp @ Surat

Summer camp-2014 was organized at Surat on dates 3-4 May.

There were about 50 to 60 brothers came to attain the camp. And all of them were divided into 6 teams after breakfast.

20th April 2014 | Simandhar City YPL(17-21)

18-21 years boys YPL(Youth Premier League) was organized on 20th April 2014.

Tournament was played at ATPL ground, beside ATPL marketing office. Everyone gathered on ground approximately at 6:30 A.M.

19th April 2014 | Sim City YPL (13-16yrs)

Youth premier league(YPL) Was organised by simandhar city YMHT on simandhar city cricket ground from morning 6:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.